Communication Theory Presentation (power point with paper for narrative)

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For this assignment, you will create a 7-10 minute oral presentation on a specific communication theory that interests you. It can be the same theory you researched for your annotated bibliography, but it doesn’t have to be. Your presentation will be due the 7th week of the semester. Class discussion of the presentations will occur the 8th week of the semester. All students will be expected to facilitate the discussion about their presentation.

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The presentation should illustrate and explain a specific communication theory and how it applies in the workplace. If you would like to apply your theory to another real world setting, you may, but please check with your instructor first. You are to dramatize, illustrate, and/or explain your theory through an informative, original PowerPoint or other multimedia presentation format such as Prezi, Animoto, or PowToon. The presentation should be designed to help your classmates understand your theory, but your focus should be on the theory’s practical application at work. Please make sure to support your assertions with research that has been done (use what you found for your annotated bibliography!) and include a reference list at the end of your presentation.

Although your presentation should be informative, it can also entertain while it explains. This project is intended to be a fun way for you to demonstrate your understanding of a specific communication theory and how it applies at work.

Presentations will be graded on substance, creativity, and potential for audience interaction (see grading rubric in assignment folder). Please don’t forget to include narration with your presentations. This is a “presentation” so I expect you to “present” your material not just create Power Point slides!

THE COMMUNICATION THEORY IS Coordinated management of meaning

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