Cluster criticism on the video

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Requirements for your Paper:

1) 4 pages.

2)Please do a rhetorical criticism using the process described in the Foss chapter about how to do a Cluster Criticism. The steps in your analysis are NOT your paper. They are like the notes you will take in doing your analysis.

Your paper should follow this format:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Summarize the video,
  3. Summarize the theory and important concepts you are using from your theory and method(this is just a summary of the what Foss said about the theory and an explanation of the steps you followed in doing your cluster analysis,
  4. Explain how the relevant concepts from the theory and method apply to the text (this should be the longest part of your paper). This section should be where you demonstrate how the theory helps us to understand how the text communicates, how the text constructs its message, and/or how it might influence its audience, and
  5. Evaluate how your analysis helps us better understand this text, theory, and/or method,
  6. Cite your sources properly according to APA format in the text of your paper and on a reference page.

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