Choose one of the three stories covered in class and write a paper analyzing the story in reference to the utopian vision discussed in the story. I choose the ones who walk away from the omelas Deter

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Choose one of the three stories covered in class and write a paper analyzing the story in reference to the utopian vision discussed in the story. I choose the ones who walk away from the omelas

Determine whether there is a real-world issue identified in the story – analysis of the story, however, will remain primary in any case.

If you choose to use a story not on the list, get it approved by me first.

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An attention-getting introduction to your story, which presents the title, author, and theme. Limit actual summary of the story to 1-2 sentences.

A clear thesis statement explaining what your analysis will prove about the story. This should be more that “it’s a good story” or that “the story has a twist ending.” Make a claim about the story, something worth proving and requiring evidence to support and further explain it. Use the HATMAT approach to ensure all necessary information is included in the introduction:  Hook, Author, Title, Main characters, A short summary, Thesis.


DO NOT summarize the story – explain why details you point out are important to your larger point.

Use examples and evidence from the story itself. In using quotes/summaries/paraphrases: a) introduce it, b) use it and correctly cite it using MLA style, and c) analyze/comment on it.

Provide details and description of the story’s literary elements – theme, plot, setting, structure, characters, genre, style, tone, etc. – to support your analysis.

Some suggestions:

  1. An extended character analysis: choose a specific character from the story and show the traits and/or development of this character over the course of the story; include physical description, mental state, & actions in contributing to the character’s role and/or theme of the story.
  2. Social implications of the story: determine the theme of the story and what it conveys about the human experience; locate the work within social, political, historical, or philosophical parameters.
  3. A gendered analysis: what does the story suggest about men and women, about gender relationships.
  4. A comparative analysis: similarities between the theme of this story and another story, or the main character and another; show how the theme is conveyed in each story through analysis of various literary elements, and if one is more superior to the other.

Conduct and include research (3 secondary sources, 2 of them from the CPCC Library) to support your ideas. Do not simply copy previous criticisms and analyses of the story – connect the research to your main idea; you can also agree or disagree with what others have stated.


An effective conclusion that restates your thesis and evidence from the story, with a strong concluding statement.


2nd Draft Due: 11/22

Final Draft Due: 11/24

Length: 4 pages, double-spaced, MLA-formatted, proofread & cited

Value: 15%

  • Write a minimum of 3 pages on your chosen story – this does not include the Works Cited page
  • Use MLA citation
  • Incorporate and properly cite at least 3 secondary sources, 2 from the CPCC Library databases
  • 1 block quote allowed, no more than 5 lines long
  • Set your analysis in the present tense, including the action in the story
  • Include the year of the story’s publication and the author’s date of birth in parenthesis when the title and the author’s full name are mentioned the first time; afterwards, refer to the authors by their last names

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