chapter 4 relevance

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  • Quantity: 2 prompts combining for a total of about a page of content
  • Quality: relevance to chapter material and use of text content increases point value
    • Prompts:
  1. Does the text coverage of multitasking support your own experiences such as driving while using your cellphone?
  2. Have you meditated or would you want to learn? Does the text coverage make it seem inviting?
  3. Have you been hypnotized or watched a hypnotist show? Which theory of hypnosis seems to fit your observations?
  4. How do you feel about sleep? Is it something that you actively seek out, or do you resent the time required for sleep? How much sleep do you need? Do you sleep in when you have a chance to, such as on weekends? Do you enjoy afternoon naps? What is the longest you have stayed awake? Is sleep a waste of time? What if we didn’t need it?
  5. Which do you think is the strongest factor in drug abuse: sociocultural, biological, or psychological? Have you known an addict who has undergone treatment?
  6. Do your dreams more often support the somewhat random activation-synthesis hypothesis or the more symbolic Freudian analysis?
  7. What drugs have you used? Was it a positive or negative experience? Why are some drugs legal and some not? Should we just legalize all drugs?
  8. Have you experience any of the sleep disorders listed in text module 4.2? For those with insomnia, what are your recommendations to others?
  9. Which of the drugs covered in the text do you consider the most dangerous?

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