Changes in Response to and Prevention of Terrorism

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In your readings, you have covered many of the changes in policy, training, and procedure that have occurred as a result of terrorism. There are two basic ways law enforcement addresses terrorism: response and prevention. We will discuss one aspect of each.

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  • Response: Over the years, there have been several evolutions in the response of local law enforcement, the first responders to an active shooter. With the introduction of the lone wolf-type of terrorist attack, these tactics are once again undergoing a metamorphosis.
  • Prevention: Local law enforcement is able to prevent terrorism in some instances. Many of us think of prevention as making the target harder to get to or increasing police presence. We will discuss a unique process some are calling counter-radicalization.

For your initial discussion post:

  • Contrast the evolution of the response of law enforcement to the active shooter prior to, and after, terrorist attacks like the one in San Bernardino.
  • Identify what is meant by counter-radicalization.
  • Explain two concepts of COP that are included in the concept of counter-radicalization.

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