can someone fix errors to this rough draft

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should only take 20 minutes or so….. heres teachers feedback. Please add abstract and conclusion, add two more sources for references and include in text in the paper as well.

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Great cover page, 

Missing a abstract (150-200 words)

Review APA heading placement.

there needs to be exactly 2 spaces between sentences.

Anytime you have three or more names in a citation there needs to be commas between the names

Example (Name, Name, & Name, 2019).

The abbreviation for the United States is U. S.

When you put a literature review in a research paper you are only summarizing the information you gathered in the original literature review. You should not include all the references – it should definitely not just cut and paste.

You are completely missing a conclusion.

And you do not have the required minimum number of sources.

Most of your references are perfect however the Morris reference needs to be corrected- only the first word, proper nouns, and the first word of the subtitle should be capitalized.





Submit at fully formed initial draft of your paper with a thesis statement and fully developed paragraphs.

should include 8-10 scholarly & peer reviewed sources related specifically to your topic.

should be approximately 9-15 pages in length.


Paper will have the following:

cover page,


fully developed body

reference page,


Researcher used correct spelling/grammar/ APA formatting for the assignment.



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