business ethics (task 5)

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Task 5

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Read chapter 5 in the textbook.

Answer the following questions:

1. What is the first step in ethical decision making?

2. Describe the following: ethical awareness, ethical issue intensity, and moral intensity. What six spheres of influence are individuals subject to when faced with ethical decisions?

3. What individual factors play into how people make decisions regarding ethical issues?

4. Describe the concept of locus of control. What is the difference between those who believe in external control versus those who believe in internal control?

5. How do organizational factors influence ethical decision making? What is the difference between corporate culture and ethical culture?

6. What is the benefit of the Ethical Decision-Making Model? Does it tell you whether a business decision is ethical or not?

7. Describe the normative approach to organizational decision making. How does this differ from the descriptive approach?

8. What are the three categories of institutions that provide pressure on organizations to act in a certain way? Describe each.

9. How can principles and core values be implemented into ethical decision making?

10. How does effective leadership shape an ethical organizational culture?

Upon completion, upload your assignment in Word format to Moodle.

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