Business Case Report and Analysis: New Hampshire Landslide

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This case describes a situation (based on actual events, but disguised in this telling) in which city officials receive a warning that as a result of persistent snow followed by rain, there is a significant probability of a major landslide from a hillside above the town. If a landslide were to occur, it would likely damage a group of homes at the bottom of the hill, and might cause injuries. The question the officials face is whether to encourage a voluntary evacuation or whether to order a mandatory evacuation — and, in either case, how best to go about it. The case reading is attached.

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You should assume that you are a consultant hired to advise the town officials on the issues and decisions they are facing in this case. Using the information in your reading of the chapters to date, you should carefully craft an argument for the actions that you believe they should undertake to address these issues. The Mayor is an established leader and the town recognizes that you are also an expert in this field. You must consult them on what to do. You should evaluate the decision making process and environments that affect this organization. You’ll also want to consider the community culture and the way residents approach the ethics of decision making.

You will be required to submit a written case report during this module. Written Business Case Reports are more detailed and in-depth than the class discussion summary that you have prepared previously. You will want to check the syllabus to determine when a case summary form is required and when a business case report is required.

Must be written using Business Case Reports format

evaluate the case. Simply answering the questions listed in the syllabus or the questions accompanying the case, will not constitute fulfillment of the assignment.
case write-up is not a book report!! Simply providing a summary of the case without any individual analysis will constitute a failing grade on the assignment.

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