BUSINESS 269 Swot Analysis

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Swot Analysis, the key tool in the strategic planning process, can also be applied to career planning. A SWOT analysis focuses on the internal and external environments, examining strengths and weaknesses in the internal environment and opportunities and threats in the external environment. Conduct an analysis of your career planning. Use the SWOT Analysis you will downloaded from the website.

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INSTRUCTIONS: Use the information below to complete each of the squares in the SWOT Analysis matrix, base your responses on your career.

STRENGTHS (Internal)

What advantages do you have?

What do you do well?

What relevant resources do you have access to?

What do other people see as your strengths?


What could you improve?

What do you do badly?

What should you avoid?


Where are the good opportunities facing you?

What are the interesting trends you are aware of?

What changes in technology and markets are occurring on both a broad and narrow scale?

What changes are occurring in social patterns, population profiles, lifestyle changes, etc?

THREATS (External)

What obstacles do you face?

Are the required specifications for your career changing?

Is changing technology threatening your plan?

Do you have bad debt or cash flow problems?

Could any of your weaknesses seriously threaten your future?


In order to plan a successful career, you must understand your strengths and weaknesses. This exercise is designed to help you conduct a personal SWOT analysis. STEP ONE: The first step is to begin with an Internal Self-Assessment. Retrieve the following template to help you chart your four quadrants:; (located in the middle of the page as the doc. document, not the pdf.)

Write a brief statement about the results of your internal assessment. The key is to be honest with yourself.

STEP TWO: Personality testing is used to help you identify careers which make best use of your personality type. Go to the following website and answer 72 short yes/no questions: click on FREE TEST (Jung Typology Test) in the top left corner of the website. After completing the online questionnaire, you will be given a series of four letters. These letters represent your personality type and can be used to search for careers, fitting your personality. Copy and paste your four letter results with the % percentages into your SWOT Analysis word document to prepare for submission.

Seek one – three people who know you in different capacities. Ask them to discuss with you your key strengths and weaknesses. Honest responses will help you better understand yourself. Write a brief statement on the key insights gained from this exercise.

NOTE: You are preparing the SWOT analysis template with the inclusion of a brief statement that includes your four personality results with the inclusion of a brief statements on the key insights gained from this exercise. This multiple piece activity will be submitted in one document through the Turn-it-In feature on the assigned due date noted on the syllabus

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