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Your goal in this assignment is to use the resources available to you as a Thomas Edison State University student to find three articles relating to one of the topics listed below. Using any of the Research Resources ——See attachments Below.

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  1. Include specific source information about each of the three resources you chose, indicating: (a) the author of the item; (b) the date of publication; and (c) the book, periodical, or website where the information can be found. You will not be graded on the details of citation style, but your assignment should include all of the above information. (If you are already familiar with proper citation style, feel free to cite your information in that format. Otherwise, just list the items.)
  2. Indicate why you chose these sources. Write two or three sentences explaining each choice.

Keep in mind that this assignment involves the initial part of the research process, selection and evaluation of resources, not the actual writing of a paper. Your assignment should consist of:

  • Three appropriate resources from credible sources.
  • Information about the author, date of publication, and source (book, periodical, or website) of each resource.
  • A reason why you chose each source over others

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