Benchmark Your Web Site’s Recruiting Page against the Top 25, management homework help

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  1. Access and read the HR Specialist web page “Benchmark Your Web Site’s Recruiting Page against the Top 25” at
  2. In your initial post, define “benchmarking “and explain
    the cautionary note given by Fitz-enz (2009) about conducting
    1. Benchmarking Your Organization Against the Top 25:
        1. Value Planning:  The goal that has already been set
          for this assignment is to benchmark the recruiting page of your
          company’s website, or of a company that you are familiar with, against
          the top companies listed in the HR Specialist article.  Select a minimum of five companies from the top 25 companies for benchmarking.
        2. Data Development: Develop four questions (criteria)
          that will be used to benchmark your site. You may use the four
          questions that are provided in the article or draft questions that more
          specifically fit the needs of your organization. Then, collect and
          compare data. (Be sure to include in your initial posting what four
          questions were used for the benchmarking study.)
        3. Evaluation: Describe gaps ~ Plan action ~ Set
          goals.  Answer the following questions: What gaps were found?  What
          should be the company’s plan of action?  What goals should be
          established?  Be sure to keep in mind the cautionary note given by
          Fitz-enz (2009), as addressed in the first part of this discussion
          posting (see 4.a.ii. above).
        4. Action: Act ~ Monitor results ~ Recycle.  How should the action steps be monitored in the future?
      1. In your initial post, describe in detail your
        completion of each of the four key areas of the benchmarking process. 
        Note: Much of the information could be presented in a simple table
        included as a picture in your discussion post or as an attachment to
        the post.

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