Behavior Change Paper and Power Point Presentation

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Select a measurable activity that you find very difficult to control or that you would like to change that can be related to the course. You must agree to stop or start this activity for at least three weeks, but preferably for a month. Some examples of activities you might select to stop are excessive use of sugar in your diet; eating fast food; drinking alcohol; smoking or using tobacco; drinking caffeinated beverages/foods such as coke, coffee, or chocolate; or any other behavior that you know is harmful to your health. Some examples of activities you might start are exercising, cooking healthy meals, drinking water regularly, increasing the number of fresh vegetables/fruit you eat each day, eating a low-fat diet, etc. Keep a daily log of your behavior and write a five-page analytical paper about your success or failure to change your behavior and how it relates to our course. In addition to the paper, create a professional 5-7 slide PowerPoint presentation highlighting the key points of your paper. Additional details will be covered in class and the contract.

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Examples of other students log charts and presentations are provided below.

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