because intelligence case study revision

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I have a case study already done and the professor gave some feedback on what to get better,. the company is because intelligence I have attached the case study and some information about the company if it helps

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-The research should be integrated into the paper to support your stance on the business, not pulled out as a summary. It’s hard to comment on it, it’s a lot of summary, but what are your recommendations and why/

-Be careful of general judgements, like “this is tough.”. Ik, she has 350 k of funding, is it tough? What needs to be accomplished with that, has it been done and my whom?

-You have critical thinking about this business, I need to see it.

-does this pandemic (cover-19) helps or complicates

-Returning with comments, put some thought and research into what you are recommending. You can’t just raise VC money in a recession with nothing, how does she create an ESSENTIAL product that people need???

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