Based on this article

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Based on this article :

A. State the topic of the article, a few key words.

B. What is the author’ purpose? (inform, persuade, entertain? explain your choice in a few words

C. Write a full complete sentence of the main idea of the article in your own words.

D. List All major supporting details important to the article, Remember, supporting details help the main idea.

E. Identify 2 new words / phrases and define each using a dictionary and/or context clues.

F. Identify 2 organizational patterns that the author uses and give evidence to support your choices. (cause and effect, problem and solution, description, compare and contrast, sequencing)

G. Find 1 fact in the article. explain how the fact can be proven

H. Find 1 opinion statement in the article. Explain how the opinion can’t be proven

I. Summarize the article, starting with the citation and the author’s purpose ( 7 sentences)

J. State your reaction to the reading with specific references to the article ( 4 sentences)

K. List at least 1 idea that you learned from the article

L. List 2 questions you have remaining about the topic.

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