Based on the above situation in the introduction), answer the following matching questions. 1- From the beginning we agreed upon what is the acceptable behaviors in our project team. For example, we

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Based on the above situation in the introduction), answer the following matching questions.1- From the beginning we agreed upon what is the acceptable behaviors in our project team. For example, we know that it is not acceptable to send messages to each other on Microsoft Teams at midnight! 2- The assignment is due after one month your team spend the first two weeks to know each other and to agree on the way and time of meeting with the team and maintain its existence instead of starting to work on the assigned project. 3- One of your team members was afraid that you may not be able to complete the project on time. He suggested asking your professor to add two more students to your team to be able to submit the project on time. You did not agree with this suggestion as you thought that this will increase the problem and make your project submitted after the deadline4- When we started to communicate with each other in our project team, we were using the email. But later, we found that it is more preferable to use Microsoft Teams. 5- Two of your team members were lazy and did not attend any of the team meetings. They even did not do the work assigned to them when you asked them about the reason for their behavior, they told you that they do not like to work on teams. They added that you and the other team members will complete all the requirements for the project. 6- When we discuss important and complex information related to our project, we need to meet at the same time to be able to understand and complete the tasks successfully So, we call for a meeting on Microsoft Teams to discuss the issue7- Because of COVID-19 we conducted our meetings online via Microsoft Teams. This was even more convenient to some of our team members who lived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 8- In your project team, you depend on other members to share ideas, information, and effort to complete the project requirements9- Unfortunately, we were having difficulties in our team. Some of the members were not motivated and were looking to join other teams in the class. Some of our team members do not have the commitment to achieve the team’s goals or accomplish tasks and even feel shy to be part of our team. 10- You noticed that some of your team members are not listening to each other and keep on interrupting each other when they talk. You try your best to use facts, logical arguments, and emotional appeals to change this negative attitude

11- After meeting with your team members for several times, it became clear for you what is the team performance goals, how you should make decisions to handle problems that might occur in the future, you know your responsibilities and you learn more about each other and trusted one another. 12- Searching for information to do your project is a difficult task as the volume of information found on the Internet exceeds our capacity to read, understand, and use it. The Choices is : Brooks’s law – Synchronicity –  Social loafing – Team building – Team norms – Process losses – Information overload  – Remote team – Team cohesion – Persuasion – Social Acceptance – Task interdependence

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