Assignment Life in Humanities

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Fiero, G. K. (2007). Landmarks in humanities (4th ed). New York: NY McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 9781259544927.

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  • By successfully completing this assignment, you will demonstrate your proficiency in the following course competencies and assessment criteria:
    • Competency 1: Describe the historical development of the humanities from the pre-historic era to the present.
      • Identify significant cultural developments from a variety of historical eras.
      • Analyzes the influence of past expressions of the humanities on present-day life.
    • Competency 2: Examine the forms of expression that instantiate the arts and humanities.
      • Describe the forms of expression that instantiate the arts and humanities.
    • Competency 3: Integrate the humanities with everyday life.
      • Explain how the arts and humanities affect everyday life.
      • Analyzes the role of philosophical, religious, and aesthetic values in everyday life.
    • Competency 4: Communicate effectively in forms appropriate to the humanities.
      • Write coherently to support a central idea in appropriate format with correct grammar, usage, and mechanics.Assignment Instructions-In this assignment include the introduction, conclusion and ensure to use some in-text citing from the text book with credit to the author. Please ensure you complete this with all the information needed.
      • Throughout the session, you have been collecting examples of historical expressions of the humanities that continue to have an impact on our lives today. Now it is time to draw all of that together and draw some conclusions about the role of these experiences in your personal life.
      • Begin by compiling your list of interesting applications of the humanities. Do you notice any compelling themes here—are there any common themes, or persistent forms of expression, or especially vital historical periods among your choices? Think about what the items you selected say about who you are and what gives your life meaning.
      • Next, consider what difference noticing these things has made to your life. What have you discovered about your life as a result of taking this course? What might you do differently in the future as a way of enriching or expanding your interest in the humanities? How has study of the humanities transformed your life?This essay will be an intensely personal one; make it a worthwhile exercise.
  • Other Requirements
    • Paper should be formatted according to APA (6th edition) style and formatting.
    • Length: 8–10 typed and double-spaced pages.
    • Font and font size: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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