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Please write responses for two students discussion. Need 100 words for each.

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Student 1:

In my opinion, I think persuasion is very important strategy in document. Because only you document have enough persuasion, the reader can believe you point and study and use you point. I think most documents’ purpose are let reader accept and agree you point. There are many persuasion’s ways in the writing. Everyone has different way to show their persuasion in the document. However, I think not all persuasion way always is useful because of different people, situation and so on. First of all, I think we should think about persuasion way if a lot of people will read this document. When we want to write document and decide persuasion way, we should think different culture, knowledge level and cognitive ability. We should try to avoid some cultural issues and custom taboo in document, and we should use common and simple words and sentences to let lower knowledge level and cognitive ability’s people know what you purpose in the document. Next, we also need choose fitting persuasion way in different situation. When we want to show document to leader, I think we should use soft words and sentence. If not, the leader maybe thinks you want to enforce him to accept this point. It is a bad persuasion. But when we write essential point, we must show hard situation, because we need let leader pay attention it. When we write document to employee according to leader instruction, we must use force persuasion situation. Because we must let employee accept our point. These are my two persuasion strategies in document.

Student 2:

I think persuasion is very important in a proposal. If your art of persuasion is weak, most of the time your proposal will be looked over once and not even thought of again. There are lots of different ways to go about persuading in your proposal. The first is persuading with reasoning. The first example is reasoning with logic. This basically means using logically constructed statements such as, then either or cause and effect. The second way is reasoning with examples or evidence. This means using real or realistic statements, such as examples, prior experiences, facts, data, observations and quotes from experts. I think that reasoning with examples and evidence would be the best way for me to construct persuasion in my proposal. My topic is the problems associated with the growing number of elderly in America. In the next ten years the number of elderly people are going to dramatically increase, due to the number of aging baby boomers. Some of the challenges associated with this will include making sure society develops payment and insurance systems that are long term, in terms of taking care of the growing number of elderly. The next challenge would be taking advantage of advances in medicine and behavioral health, in order to keep them as active as possible. We would also have to focus on making things in the community more accessible for the elderly and also by trying to get them integrated into everyday community life. All of these reasons that I listed are all real or realistic statement, experiences, facts, data and observations.

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