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Answer ONE (1) of the essay questions provided below. Please use a title indicating which essay question you have selected (for example, “Essay Question Number 2”). Important are organization of an answer that reflects your ability to pull together class materials and write about the chosen topic in detail. Citations and a reference list, grammar and spelling are all important. Remember to use information from the class reading and web sites (as well as outside research) as details in your essays. References (and citations) to your textbook, assigned websites, and outside sources are required for full credit. Be sure to list any sources used in your essays. Note: DO NOT use previous written assignments (meaning copy/pasting) to answer these questions (or you will score a 0 on that question). Your essay answer needs to be a MINIMUM of 450 words (not counting references listed at the end). This essay question is worth 40 points of your Final Exam.

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E7. Discuss the idea that archaeology can study religion in the past. Use specific site and artifact examples to formulate an argument that religious cult activity can be identified and understood based on archaeological remains.

E8. What is the future of archaeology? How do the authors of your text see the new developments in archaeology, and what do they predict archaeologists will be doing in the future? You may select some archaeological issues that are expected to become more important in the next few decades.

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