American University TruEarth Healthy Foods Memorandum

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Written Case Analyses

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Written case analyses should follow the format of a business memo. Assume that you are a management consultant who has been hired by the organization to analyze the situation and recommend a course of action. In addition, assume that the person to whom you are writing is familiar with the key facts in the case. Therefore, do not merely re-state facts that are known by the reader. Note that the grade received on a written case analysis is dependent on insight shown in identifying of key issues/alternatives, on the depth of analysis presented, and on the quality of the action plan presented. The written expression must be suitable for a business memo.

Your memo should follow the following format:


Key Issues or Problems

Evaluation of Strategic Alternatives

Recommendations and Implementation


The text portion of your memo should not be longer than 1000 words (not including appendices). Please respect the word count. This may be tough but will force you to focus on the key issues and your recommended course of action based on alternatives that you have evaluated.

Note: All memos should be single-spaced. Use subheadings to organize your memo.

You should limit your appendix to a maximum of three exhibits. Assume that you will be making an oral presentation using these three exhibits. A well-crafted exhibit can convey a lot of information (quantitative, financial and qualitative as necessary), so make the exhibits clear and easy-to-follow.

Remember, clarity (text and exhibits) is important. Simple pie charts, bar charts and other “single-variable” displays of data should be avoided since they typically provide little value beyond that which can be accomplished more concisely in text.)

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