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Write an argumentative essay of 3 pages without using any documented sources, without bibliography.

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Essay Topics for 1st Diag Arg Essay

You are to write a personal opinion argument on one of the following topics.

Your essay should show evidence of critical thinking about the topic and be represented by a critically written argument supporting your position. You should not to support your argument with documented evidence and sources. Therefore, you must rely upon your own thinking and knowledge about the topic. It should still be presented with credible ideas, facts, and opinions.

  • Small College is considering the implementation of a rule that allows certain instructors, personnel, and students to carry handguns on campus.
  • Small College is considering banning cell phones from the campus.
  • Small College police are being granted the right to use tasers on campus.
  • All eligible voters should be required by law to vote in all national elections.

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