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focus on one topic idea like “religion is a form of art as it allows individuals to relate with different objects” and write examples of quotes to support it? There is also a body paragraph format needed to be used.

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Body paragraph

1) Topic sentence

a. Indirectly/directly answer the prompt

b. Argumentative – claim

c. Headline, that focuses on ONE idea

d. That ONE idea is the ONLY idea in your paragraph

e. Develops your thesis statement

2) Give context for/introduce the quote.

a. Context – explain the foundational ideas to make the quote make sense to your reader.

b. INTRODUCE THE AUTHOR – Foer writes, “…” Foer argues, “…” Foer describes the theory of radical transparency: “…”

3) Write the quote.

4) Analyze

a. Explain how the quote answers my prompt.

5) Refine the topic sentence – show how the evidence proves the topic sentence.

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