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this is a continuing assignment, I attached the part 1 and part 2

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Part 3: Responding to the Current Problem

Using what you’ve learned so far, it’s your chance to share an informed perspective on the issues of youth vaping and tobacco use. Unlike parts one and two, this paper has a word limit. (Like page limits, word counts do not include your title page or reference list. For much of this assignment, you’ll be writing entirely in your own words without references, so you don’t have to worry about those taking up part of the limit.)

You’ve become an advocate against the “epidemic” of vaping among children and adolescents. You’ve gotten your evidence together, connected the past issue of cigarette smoking to the present issue of vaping, and you’re ready to share your knowledge. To share what you know, you’ve decided to write an op-ed (Links to an external site.) about this.

You have a friend who runs a student newspaper, and this friend has agreed to run your op-ed in an upcoming issue of the paper. Your friend has given you 500 words to make your case. You’ve decided that your op-ed will take the following structure:

Introduction (5 points, approximately 50 words)

You need to open by very quickly “selling” your reader on the importance of what you’re writing. This is how you get someone committed to reading the sections below. Convince us that (a) youth vaping and tobacco use are major issues in human development in the 21st century, (b) we need to know about the past history of smoking to address these issues, and (c) you have a creative solution to propose.

Summarize the past issue of smoking in the U.S. (10 points, approximately 100 words)

Explain to your readers the historical context of the problem. Your goal, here, is to condense the beginning of paper part 1 into its absolute essentials. As concisely as possible, provide your audience background information to let them know at least three of the following: what the major health implications of smoking are, why the Surgeon General declared an “epidemic” in the 1900s, who was involved in responding to the “epidemic,” when major milestones occurred in changing people’s behavior, and how public opinions changed about the issue over time.

Summarize the current issue of vaping and tobacco use (10 points, approximately 100 words)

Let your readers know about the current problem. Your goal, here, is to condense the beginning of paper part 2 into its absolute essentials. As concisely as possible, provide your audience background information to let them know at least three of the following: why the U.S. Surgeon General issued an advisory about youth vaping; to what extent (e.g., frequency) adolescents use tobacco in middle school and high school, including what stands out as being especially concerning; who (for example, using data on race and sex) is most likely to use tobacco products in middle school and high school, when we saw a shift toward e-cigarette use (“vaping”); and how data showed changes in the frequency of middle-school and high-school students’ tobacco product use from 2017-2018, specifically.

Propose your solution (15 points, approximately 250 words)

An old saying goes, “History doesn’t repeat itself. It rhymes.” With that in mind, convince your readers that we can learn from the past to address the “epidemic” at hand. Based on your learning in the course so far, propose your “solution” to this problem. Using what we know, what’s a creative solution that is sensitive to research knowledge about human development?

You may develop any solution that makes sense based on our knowledge of human development. Whatever approach you take, you must convince your audience of the following: (1) This “new” problem might not really be a “new” problem at all! (2) There are certain developmental reasons why adolescents are likely more prone to vaping, and companies are taking advantage of that. (3) If we combine what we know about the history of cigarette smoking and research on adolescents’ developmental needs, we know what to do to solve the problem to protect adolescents and promote their healthy development over the longer term.

How you address these three points can (and should) vary from person to person, but make sure you meet the goals outlined in the rubric.

Provide an annotated reference list (Links to an external site.) (5 points)

To ensure the quality of your article, the editor requested an annotated reference list of the evidence that you used to write your op-ed. The student paper will provide this as an online supplement for people who want to access the information that you used to write about your perspective. Take your references from part 1 and part 2 of the paper and put them in a reference list at the end of your document. Then, for each resource, write 3 to 5 sentences detailing what evidence you used to inform your approach to part 3 of the paper.

Spelling, grammar and style (5 points)

You’re writing for a newspaper, and that means high expectations for style, spelling, and grammar. You’ll continue to follow all APA guidelines for writing, knowing that you won’t use any in-text references (which means NO quotations!) in writing an op-ed. You’ll also provide a title that would draw your reader to the article. See the rubric for details.

Logistical reminders

Note that you must submit your paper as a file upload, not a link to an online document. You must check your file uploads before submitting to ensure that you have submitted your file appropriately. If you wait until the last minute, this can go very badly.

There will be a 50% deduction for late papers. The past-due assignment policy applies at midnight, regardless of the situation. Don’t wait until the last minute, and this includes checking your file upload.

There will be a 10% deduction for those who exceed the 500-word limit. Following directions and writing succinctly are important life skills, and it’s important to practice them now! This is a chance for you to show that you’re accountable for deadlines and details, which will transfer to the work you want to do in the future.

here is the link for textbook, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MFZlfF4lagCf0e-lO…


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