5 page double space essay on readings about black artists (art history paper)

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Task: Your task in this assignment is to compose an essay that summarizes key issues confronted, social goals sought, and artistic approaches/strategies employed by Black artists. To do this, we would like you to chose 2 works from Module 7, Lecture Guide 5 (“Black Women Artists”) and 2 works from Module 8, Lecture Guide 6 (“Black Male Artists”) as your main examples.

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• Your essay should have an introduction that summarizes the socio-historical context Black artists faced at the time, how each gender responded, and leads to a thesis that clearly articulates the main issues confronted, social goals sought, artistic approaches employed.
• The body of your essay should thoroughly analyze your chosen examples and relate them to the overall goals of this movement. In other words, this analysis of your examples should support and enrich your thesis statement.
• Your conclusion should summarize the main points of your essay and include a thoughtful reflection on your informed views of the impact Black artists including their successes as well as shortcomings.

Citations should follow the Chicago Manual of Style


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