3 mini essay prompts

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Essay Prompt 1 (30 points): Economic development

500-750 words

Why is it hard for peripheral countries to develop? You can draw on any of the materials, lectures and videos in this course, focusing on Units 6-12, but be sure to:

  • Be clear about what you mean by “development” (e.g. define it, and demonstrate a critical awareness of the definition.)
    • HINT: to demonstrate a critical awareness of how we define development, think about the critiques of various models of development, as well as how we measure it and what is wrong with those measures)
  • Pay particular attention to the changing geographies of economic development and the international division of labor
    • HINT: what is the NEW international division of labor? How is it different from the earlier pattern of international division of labor?
  • Draw on both bigger-picture ideas/theories/models about globalization and development, as well as specific examples from our course

Essay Prompt 2 (30 points): Agriculture

500-750 words

How have the different forms or stages of globalization transformed agriculture?

  • As you answer this question, be sure to consider BOTH parts: e.g. in addition to tracing how agriculture has been transformed, you must connect those transformations to different forms, or stages of, globalization.

Essay Prompt 3 (20 points): Political geography

350-500 words

Perhaps national identity is made up, but it is also a very real, powerful force in the world today, affecting the way countries (states) interact with one another AND how individuals imagine their place and identities in the world.

  1. What is a nation-state as a theoretical idea, and as an actually-existing system in the world?
  2. Explain the origins of nationalism and national identity.

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