(1) The ted talk I chose to watch was by Nina Legath and The Power of Communication. In this, she goes over the power and importance of communication and the fact that we do it every single day. One k

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The ted talk I chose to watch was by Nina Legath and The Power of Communication. In this, she goes over the power and importance of communication and the fact that we do it every single day. One key part that stood out to me, being one in the working world and wanting to move up, is that successful leaders have powerful communication skills. That is a huge thing for me, especially since I have a decent ability to communicate but do not always have the want to do so. Even though the technology is taking over everything, there will always be a need for communication. Nina gives an example of a robot performing an intricate surgery, but still needing the doctor to communicate to the patient what is being done, the next steps, and most importantly being there to answer and resolve any concerns. Being able to understand that we have needs to connect and have meaning, and filling both of those with communication is another powerful example she gave. Most people don’t think about those needs being filled just by using communication. And the last part that can help develop and strengthen your ability to communicate is understanding the simple fact of communication is not about you, it is about your receiver. If you can grasp this concept and hone your skills to understand this, you can truly become a powerful speaker and always have a great impact, especially when your message is tailored to whoever is on the receiving end.


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I chose this video because it relates to the topic of my final paper. It is about social media, communication, and how it affects us. The idea is that we can still communicate with social media even if we are alone, however, it seems as though we are left alone when we are with one another because of our phones. Sherry Turkle speaks on how she interviewed many people, researched how we are constantly connected with one another but we are still alone. It is interesting hearing the question Sherry asked people, “what’s wrong with having a conversation?” she shared some of their responses (Turkle, 2012). The responses were “It takes place in real-time, and you can’t control what you’re going to say.” (Turkle, 2012). I think this is definitely an issue today, we can’t edit a conversation the same way we can edit a tweet, a post, or even a video. It is scary to think that technology can take us places we don’t want to go. Technology has changed the way we communicate, the way we enjoy free time, the way we exercise, even the way we shop. She also spoke of the goldilocks effect: not too close, not too far, just right (Turkle, 2012). People seem to want to control the conversation and that leads to being alone because one cannot control everything.

If I could ask Sherry a question I think I would ask her “while coming up with this ted talk, did you realize when you were connected, but alone?”


To start off, this TED talk was absolutely amazing to watch because the speaker used such good examples and really put effort into connecting with his audience. This speaker discussed the language of being human, not only through verbal communication but expression. He includes himself speaking other languages to his audience to transition into other human languages. He explains that there is so many different languages that we speak everyday other than the native language that we speak. Laughing, smiling, crying, happiness, sadness, anger, are all languages that we speak to communicate with others in our every day lives. Everything we do is a way of language. A language of feeling such emotions from any situation is simply how we speak to others. From this video I learned that there’s a much more in depth thought process about human communication rather than verbally. Our bodies, facial expressions, emotions all communicate with others around us. One question I would like to ask the speaker is how long did It take to learn all the languages he spoke in during his presentation because it was quite impressive!



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