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Professional Goals as a Scholar Practitioner (Human Resource Management) – 4-6 Paragraphs

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Walden’s Vision, Mission, and Goals

Explore the “About Us” area of the Walden home page (http://www.waldenu.edu/about), paying particular attention to Walden’s Vision and Mission, which state:


Walden University provides a diverse community of career professionals with the opportunity to transform themselves as scholar-practitioners so that they can effect positive social change.


Walden University envisions a distinctively different 21st-century learning community where knowledge is judged worthy to the degree that it can be applied by its graduates to the immediate solutions of critical societal challenges, thereby advancing the greater global good.

Reflecting on this week’s resources, consider what Walden’s mission and vision means to you and how they relate to your own professional goals, learning and development as a scholar practitioner. With these thoughts in mind, Write a 1- to 2-page paper in which you:

  • Using assigned readings and others you might find, discuss the definition and/or meaning of a scholar practitioner
  • Identify how you as a scholar-practitioner might help others become agents of change and innovation, both personally and professionally.
  • Describe your professional goals and identify how your studies at Walden will help you to achieve them and
  • Discuss how your goals and your Walden studies will help you to become a scholar practitioner (Human Resource Management).

Be sure to cite examples from this week’s readings and others you find in the Library to support your claims.

Submit your assignment by Day 7. APA Format.

Optional Resources:

Anderson, B. (2010). Project leadership and the art of managing relation-ships. Click for more options T + D, 64(3), 58–63.
Project Leadership and the Art of Managing Relationships – Successful project management in today’s business environment is increasingly complex. Effectively managing the intricate “people” side of a project means incorporating the skills and knowledge of top-notch leaders. T+d : Better Performance Through Workplace Learning, 58 by Barbara Anderson. Copyright 2010 by the American Society for Training and Development. Used by permission of American Society for Training and Development via the Copyright Clearance Center.


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