(1) For my literature review, I focused on the social causes of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), specifically the effect of childhood abuse (physical, emotional, and sexual abuse) on developing G

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For my literature review, I focused on the social causes of Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), specifically the effect of childhood abuse (physical, emotional, and sexual abuse) on developing GAD in adulthood. The main claim that I will make in my literature review is that there is a gap in the research regarding this topic. In fact, there are many gaps that were found while analyzing articles/studies on this topic. Therefore, I will be combining these gaps in the research to suggest a more specific and focused study regarding the relationship between childhood abuse and GAD in adulthood. After analyzing all the gaps and focusing on many overlooked variables and factors in the overall research, my main claim is as follows. Future literature and studies on this topic should focus on examining the mediating factor of adult stress between childhood sexual abuse and the development of GAD as adults in women. Additionally, I will make another claim in my literature review that is based on the limitations and gaps that I found regarding the method of research on this topic. I will propose an experimental method, which also includes a random sample of adult women participants who range in age to eliminate bias and create more external validity for future research on this topic.

While preparing to write my literature review, I encountered many barriers. However, I strived to overcome these barriers to present my best effort in my writing. One of the main barriers was not being able to carefully understand the instructions and the content needed for the literature review. I have written a literature review for one of my earlier psychology courses. However, the instructions were different, and I took the earlier course a couple of semesters ago. So, the content of the literature review was not fresh in my mind, and I struggled to figure out what I needed to include in my literature review to present my best work. Additionally, I struggled to understand how to organize my literature review. Once I made many attempts to try to understand the instructions and the content that was needed for the literature review, I had to figure out how to organize it. I understood where to put the abstract, the body, and the references. However, organizing the body of the literature review was challenging. I had to figure out how to best organize my review to get my claims across to the readers in a way that is easy to understand. Also, the organization of the review had to emphasize the supporting evidence and lead up to my claims. It was tough attempting to organize my thoughts and ideas into a coherent and well-structured review. However, I never doubted that I would be able to write a professional literature review. So, I looked over the instructions for the literature review many times until the instructions started to come together in my mind and make more sense. Next, I looked over all the resources that were provided to us regarding how to write a successful literature review. I took many notes on the content that was needed and how to structure the review to enhance your main claim. I looked over these resources many times to make sure that I had all the information that I needed to be able to attempt to put my thoughts on paper. Afterwards, I looked over the research articles that I will be using to write my literature review and notated and analyzed them many times. I noted limitations, strengths, disagreements, strengths, etc. As I analyzed and notated the articles, I wrote down the information in a way that I could understand. I also organized the information in a way that combines the information together to support my main claim. This helped me to be better prepared to present the information from the research articles in a coherent and intellectual way. This helped me immensely and I was able to find the writer in me. Finally, I started to put together a clear and strong outline for my literature review.

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In this discussion board, please describe at least two claims you will make in your literature review. This can be brief but specific. You may discuss your main argument and identify other, more minor claims in your paper.

Elaborate how assessing one’s emotional intelligence is the primary component behind one’s human motivation. Demonstrating how emotional intelligence is perceived differently for everyone, as is each individual’s motive. Also discussing human motivation and the internal and external forces that attribute to their emotional intelligence and desire. As well as how they are closely correlated to cause and effects as are circumstantial specific motives.

Identify any barriers you’ve encountered in writing your literature review and what you did to overcome them.

Some of the barriers I have encountered in writing my literature review are not using emotional phrases or stating my personal opinion. Make sure my respective content is relevant, credible, and valid. Taking the time to revise and edit my paper while using examples to help guide my writing skills.



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